Sometimes, with the change of the weather and the drudgery of life’s monotonous endeavours, I like to sit and fantasize about where I can wear Barracuda Bazaar fashion. In the process, I like to reshape my existence and indulge in a little creative thinking about what life could be and what I would be wearing in my “could be” scenario. Take for instance, the magic that this last little sweater that we received for our fall display. It was easy to immediately imagine myself in this sweater, leaving the low grass-covered Icelandic cabin as I carry a steaming cup of coffee out under the open crisp morning sky. In the distance, the ships come sailing in past my view into toward the Reykjavik port just out of sight. The sky, bright and ablaze with orange fire from the rising sun, create a butterscotch path toward the small cabin filled with warmth from a burning fire inside and the love of Bjorn, my beautiful icy-eyed husband who sleepily slips his boots on before attending to the open sea.

What’s your “could be” scenario?

It’s a good life. Not bad for a $28.00 sweater. Just sayin. Livin the dream baby. Livin the dream.