funny... I don't recall asking for your opinion

Fed Up? Sick of work? Sex deprived? You need some Anne Taitor in your life. This month Barracuda Bazaar celebrates the sarcasm of Anne Taintor, that genius of smart aleck chime in’s and observations about life and the female experience. Her sarcastic prose illustrated on “revisited vintage” pics keep us laughing at ourselves, each other and the absurdity of the human condition. We collect these amazing gold nuggets of humor in one spot for your shopping convenience. Magnets, post-its, tote bags, coin purses and shot glasses, combined with great clothing at low prices, make the world a less disappointing place in which to live. What ever ails you, Barracuda is sure to provide a product that will properly make fun of your problem. If laughter can’t cure it… call 911. If that doesn’t work, come to see us.



Barracuda Bazaar Crew