What’s the next best thing to bacon bandages? Buying the store that actually sells bacon bandages. Yes, that’s right. There is a new blonde bombshell running the headquarters at the epicenter of cool. Kim McKenna has stepped up and into the captain’s chair and is kicking ass and taking names. The story of Barracuda Bazaar covers 17 years of love, sacrifice and absolute devotion to great fashion and sarcasm. The legacy continues. As previous boss and badass, Rebecca Berg, takes a final bow, we respectfully applaud her long haul of amazing work and incredible sense of humor. (Rebecca we love love love you!)  And now we welcome our new fearless leader as she battles tourists, forest fires and broken gift card processors like a true champion.

How many folks can say they ran the coolest business in Colorado? Well, now two. Hello Kim and welcome to the ride of a lifetime. We are going to have a blast!

Handing down the keys to the empire.