And then the sky opened up and said, “Let there be SWAP IT.” Thank the heavens. Barracuda Bazaar has finally decided to go green and participate in resale and consignment for store credit. Ahhhh. It is done.

The low down on SWAP it:

  1. Clean out your closet!
  2. Clothing and accessories must be in style, in-season, clean and like new.
  3. Apparel must be in excellent condition, freshly laundered or dry-cleaned prior to swapping at Barracuda Bazaar.
  4. Limit 30 items per person per day. Check our “most wanted” list for items we take.
  5. Set up an appointment. We’re getting booked quickly. Please call us at 719-442-2202.
  6. Receive instant in-store credit for your quality threads. We buy based on brand, style, condition, season, and demand. Sorry we can’t buy everything.

It’s that easy!

For our check list on items we do and don’t take go to