Casual Top by SpyC

Sometimes we really take casual for granted. As women with businesses, careers and drive, we sometimes don’t realize how often we can get away with casual dress while maintaining an important positive impression on clients and colleges. One major contributing factor to this is how amazing we can make casual dress look with the plethora of styles and options that exist in 2012. A casual cotton top and jeans, when very well accessorized, can look more impressive and professional than a mediocre skirt. In fact, this style is often suggestive of an independent and creative attitude towards life and work. Believe it or not, casual, when deliberately accentuated, can be totally stunning.

Barracuda Bazaar knows you want to be cozy. We get it. Bending, rising, turning and general movement in your clothes should not be a reoccurring challenge throughout the day. That is why we carry designs, like from SpyC, that are notorious for great looks and are reliably flattering. To aid you in sprucing things up we carry amazing accessories. Like this bag with retro lining and colors that adds a hip flare to the entire get up. Belts, scarves, jewelry and other pieces also make a top and jeans pop with impressive taste. Different combos create different levels of formality so you can dress an outfit up or down founded on the same top and jeans. Boots or a great pair of heels will kick off the finishing touch on how formal you want to go.

Let’s pause and appreciate 2012. Where we can move in our clothes, look professionally impressive and be stunningly beautiful in one go.