As a film geek, whenever I see stripes, I immediately think about Alfred Hitchcock and his infamous clothing codes. Stripes in clothing represent a character’s situational or psychological imprisonment. Perhaps she is plagued by the past or he is plagued by unrequited love. For me, I am imprisoned by ridiculously awesome feelings about looking cool. I know and you’re right, it is a heavy burden to carry. Who can resist feeling like a timeless golden screen cinema icon from the 1950’s and 60’s wrapped in dramatically suggestive fabric? Well I can’t resist it. My geeky mind goes gaga for these fashion film references.

Like when I see stripes on this new Barracuda Bazaar bag, I get giddy about the film references in my my wardrobe. Perhaps my bag represents how I feel hopelessly imprisoned by great fashion even at the expense of my finances. Then I remember that this bag is from Barracuda so I actually saved money purchasing it. Barracuda has great low prices and pampers customers with terrific email specials weekly.  So I will just have to settle for the interpretation that I am psychologically imprisoned by amazing fashion accessories. Is this dorky? Yes. Yes it is. Do other people do this? Probably not. Yet, Barracuda is geared toward the unique minded individual, who is forward thinking about film, art and clothes. We highly encourage you to get funky with your bad self and express your unique idiosyncrasies in your clothing. Yes, even if that means you do it like a nerdy film dork.