Why wear a Y-shaped sweater? Because it’s awesome. It’s that simple. When looking for new and interesting designs don’t overlook the Y shape in a top or dress. The secret is that this shape is very flattering to the female form. The eyes follow the lines across the chest, joining at the center and down the front. Perhaps the conscious mind does not register this visual parallel to the female form, but when you see this pattern, you can’t help but recognize that it is flattering. Designers use lines and shapes in clothing to create looks that are flattering and helpful to the body. The Y trick is just one of many to scout out. When you need a simple and lovely piece for those “I just need something easy and flattering” days, remember lines and shapes that work well for your body type. The Y shape is a general “thumbs up” for most female forms. Oh, by the way, at Barracuda, we think of these little ideas for you and then we put them on sale to make your life a little more enjoyable. Why? Because we love you.

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