We all have them. The fantasy about the New Years Eve kiss. They may be far-fetched, even delusional, but our hopes sometimes get the better of us that somehow, someway, the insane mess of our love lives will become untangled in one perfect kiss on New Years Eve. We hope, at least we dress for that hope. All we have to do is show up, dressed for success, and maybe the miracle will happen. I have chased the unicorn too. All I’m sayin is that, more often than not, a killer dress will help you in your endeavors to win a little New Years kiss from that special someone you’ve been chasing since October.

We have your dress. In fact, we have a few of them. One thing seems to be consistent about the Holidays, if you’re not in your socks and sweat pants wrapping the hell out of every thing you can fit into paper and tape, then you’re at an event which requires a little effort. Barracuda Bazaar has you covered for Christmas fashion including great News Years Eve ideas. From beautiful pieces like this gorgeous beaded neckline dress to seriously knockout jewelry, we have all types of lovely items to hook and sink that special someone’s attention.

BUT keep this in mind as well. If you’re stag the evening of and you’re simply treating yourself to a fabulous evening with friends, remember you’re beautiful just as you are. Don’t miss the opportunity to show yourself some love and bring in the New Year as the queen you are! Sometimes the most impressive affection we can get, is the kind we give to ourselves through a little primping and pampering. You’re worth it and we love you.

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