What the hell happened? It’s December 6th already? Why does this time of year always creep up like a sneaky time-defying, red and green ninja? Can’t we all just relax and have our own Christmas once we feel like we’ve properly recuperated from Thanksgiving? It always stuns me with shock when customers come to the counter before Thanksgiving and they calmly and preparedly purchase stocking stuffers in a timely fashion. I usually stand there in a sort of bewildered awe. “Wow,” I say. I work in retail and still can’t manage to get shopping ideas done before a proper annual panic. Well, we are not all hallmark specials for crying out loud. Some of us procrastinate and probably always will. Fortunately, here at Barracuda, we’ve blasted our store STOCKED FULL of new items. That means original gifts, great ideas and the best fashion in town. So whether you’d like to look around and procrastinate or get her done, we will have some awesome pieces ready for you. As always, we will be keeping it affordable and awesome. Don’t panic. That’s my job!

Come to the store and check out our NEW STUFF! Or visit us as www.barracudabazaar.com to see what’s new “In Store” and what hot item is featured in “Going! Going! Gone!”