Is your closet experiencing a serious boring streak? I know mine is. I walk the streets of a fantastically hip city and look all around me at the lovely attire and my heart aches for something new! However, “new” can sometimes mean going backwards. Catching my eye right now,  are the mod and retro pieces and how they are thrown together with an elegant modern touch. This look is so simple, so obvious and yet, always so impressive on a person who does it just right. It may be as small as a modern black plain dress with a great retro looking sweater or the perfect mod flats with skinny jeans. For this kind of style you’re really going to benefit from your local hip boutique who knows how to make it happen. Barracuda Bazaar is alway reliable in providing great retro, mod and funky pieces for just this fashion intention! Right now we have blouses that add an excellent retro touch to an outfit through their design and color. We also have incredible jackets that will wrap your whole outfit in a great layer of classic mod beauty. Simple mod fashion has been proven to be timeless and  impressive.

Thanks to you Barracuda for providing Colorado Springs with these clothing treats that spice up our closet and make hip easy and deliciously affordable! I’m telling you, you give Austin a run for the money.