I have done it again. As I lie there, belly up and bloated, I ponder how I managed to stuff myself silly on this fine feasting day of thanks. It’s seems as though I begin the day by watching the parade balloons roll slowly down the streets of New York and unconsciously decide to become one by the end of the day. This year, I don’t have an excuse about the choice of food items; I was treated to a wonderful, healthy meal that I still managed to make myself sick on. I feel like it’s due to the spirit of comfort. We are surrounded by loved ones and every tasty food item you could ever crave. Perhaps, we expect ourselves to overindulged and so there is also a spirit of shameless gorging. It never fails. I always wind up changing my pants and top into something less grotesquely tight and am incapable of anything else besides rolling around and watching movies. Thank goodness for tops at Barracuda Bazaar. This week’s sale pick is the long sleeve SpyC top. It is the most comfortable top on the face of the planet, especially on Thanksgiving weekend. This piece is long, cozy and forgiving to my poor tummy. While it’s perfect for lounging, I also know that if I have to make a public appearance I can cover up the “meat sweats” with distracting funky fashion. For that, I am extraordinarily grateful.