We have all done it. We are getting ready to go out. We want to look super cute. We have on the perfect outfit with coordinated top, earrings, scarf and boots. We have spent ages in front of the mirror making it work just right and nothing is going to take away our efforts now that we have achieved perfection. You go to leave. You grab your bag and keys. Then, the coat. Why? Because it’s freezing! Your head does the typical internal dialogue:

“The coat doesn’t match!”

“But I won’t wear the coat into the club! Who wants to carry it around anyway?!”

“But I have to wear something down there or I’ll freeze! None of these coats match! Why didn’t I think about this when I started with hot pink top in the first place?!”

Exactly. Have no fear we have already anticipated these winter dilemmas and solved the issue for you. Right now at Barracuda Bazaar we have a plethora of warm AND non-color-conflicting coats to choose from. Our Active Basic coats come in a variety of colors to help you in exactly this situation. So before you leave the house and “suck it up” without something warm to wrap around you, consider a quick trip to Barracuda to check out your options. Don’t cut glass. Just let us help you. Go to www.barracudabazaar.com to check out our new coats in store!