Sometimes in life you have to say what’s on your mind. You have to say it in an awesome sarcastic way, throw on your hip sunglasses and hop in the driver’s seat. Regardless of what exactly you are saying, to whomever is getting an earful in that moment, you have delivered your closing monologue with cinematic brilliance and wickedly cool fervor. You have successfully spoken your mind and declared your independence.  Most likely, at this point, you should be saying this while wearing a black jacket that snarls, “I write my own rules in this life b*@#$!!!” Perhaps, the car you are driving away in is a Camaro or Mustang. Does it matter where you were? Does it matter where you are going? No. Gas prices don’t exist in happy places. You tell off the big bad cruel world. You do it in your black jacket. Rock and Roll plays magnificently in the background. Done and done.

We know you will pick the time, the words and the brilliance of your own declaration of independence. In the meantime, we’ve got your jacket covered. You’re welcome. Hasta la vista.