Well, we all have them. We all our escape fantasies. We sell the car, donate the kids, auction the husband and buy a one way ticket to a far, far, far off destination. This particular week, I’ve been plotting a quick get away to a simple little life as a fisherwoman off a small port in Iceland. That, I believe, was the reason for my latest purchase, a very cute knit hat. If you are anything like me, a little crazy that is, you are also including some fabulous fashion in your escape fantasies. Mental images of airports, oceans or empty desert highways have inspired your shopping at some point or another. I understand. One recent collection that has caught my wandering eye is our new collection of fabulous tote bags. This bag says “I am a hip Goddess that will now claim an adventure and embark upon an open highway of freedom and rockstardom.” Well, at least that is what it said to me. I guess that’s why I work in retail. I believe clothes speak.

I’m rambling. The point is, right now Barracuda is featuring delicious tote bags by Fun Tote. This bag is 15 inch long and 16 inches wide, has two small inner pockets and a side zip pocket for wallet storage. So if you are plotting any quick escapes, even if just in your happy place, be sure to account for simple necessities like wallets, phones and, in my case, medications. You know. Do it in style. We’ve got all the style you may need for such occasions.