What is better than a huge cabinet covered in totally cute jewelry? Well, I guess the fact that the jewelry is on sale! Here at Barracuda Bazaar we like to take odd pieces of vintage furniture and adorn it with awesome fashion items and accessories. And then we like to discount those items. Since most regulars are familiar with our giant white cabinet covered in magnets holding the jewelry on display, what everybody should be aware of is how we have taken several cool jewelry items and moved them from the white cabinet to pink vintage refrigerator and made a sales zone out of our ridiculously awesome jewelry.  This includes huge feather accessories, great bracelets, gorgeous necklaces and the best hodgepodge of earrings in town. I highly suggest popping in to peek at the rad jewelry and pamper yourself with sales. Need I remind you that Afterglow is this coming Thursday (September 29th) and there will be great deals on clothing and jewelry? HINT. HINT.