I think it’s time to devote a little love to some of our amazing tops here at Barracuda Bazaar! Right now we must have over forty different styles of totally unique tops from sweaters and blouses to lovely tunics, scoop neck shirts and shawl style jackets. Our goal right now is to carry beautiful, unique pieces that are comfortable and eye-catching. We also carry pieces that are flattering on a variety of shapes to make shopping easy. I know. We love you too.

Among my favorites is this scoop neck top by Active Basic. It is currently the “Ready! Set! Gone!” item featured on our online store. It takes the reward for most comfortable and cool. I love the shape which looks both cozy and flattering.
This blouse, by ilook collection, has an elegant button front and belt that create a very sophisticated look, not to mention comes in one of the most beautiful rose colors ever!

Another piece I adore is this black, half-top blouse with gorgeous stitched design. It’s funky and totally functional.

There are tons of great new tops in store on our lookbook online at www.barracudabazaar.com. Stay tuned for plenty of promotion sales on these items via Barracuda Bazaar’s email customer list which aims to pamper and please!