Well hello cooler weather! Boy it seems to be happening quick. While you may be in shock by the seemingly overnight change in temperature, you may also be thinking “What shall I wear?” I don’t blame you. There is a certain giddy excitement about any change in weather that leads to a fun change-up in clothing. We are carrying some really cute transitional styles right now, from light sweaters and awesome Silver Jeans to blouses with gorgeous knit embroidered designs. We are displaying tops that look great on a wide variety of shapes. We have several cute pieces, with long sleeves, darker colors, interesting tones, textures and patterns for that snuggly beautiful look. Stay tuned into what we have in store at www.barracudabazaar.com. To wet your whistle, here’s a look at our new lovely grey jacket. Note the giant buttons and formfitting seams. This is my personal favorite and the highlighted item on our online store!