It seems almost everybody I have talked to is planning something spectacular over the long Labor Day weekend. Some folks are barbecuing, others having one last camping bruha, some are just extending the time they usually get into weekend shenanigans. Whether you are planning on going dancing or you need a cozy T to chillax around in, Barracuda Bazaar has got you covered. Right now we have everything from yoga pants and super soft tanks to silver sequence spaghetti strap tops. We are also getting TONS OF NEW clothes in this weekend. (The suspense in killing me, but the word is that the clothes are “FF!!” If you know what I mean. No? It means they are extraordinary.) So check out what’s in store this week at Remember to treat yourself to looking amazing no matter how you spend your off time this weekend. I myself will be doing a little bit of everything. So I will rock something like this:

and relax in something like this: