What the heck is Tencel? It is a fabric, similar to rayon in feel, made of biodegradable wood pulp cellulose. This garment can be made in several different forms. Most popularly, in women’s clothing, it stands out for its beautiful silky quality. It seems naturally designed to drape along your skin for that, “yes, I am a goddess, thank you” feeling. It just so happens that we carry a gorgeous top at Barracuda right now that features this heavenly material. It is cut short for a high waist, has long sleeves and comes in the most impressive lilac color known to biodegradable fabric.

What I personally love most about this piece is its potential for fabulous layering. It has that soft, almost ballerina type elegance, which would be great worn with a light skirt or free flowing pants, slipper shoes, and hair pinned up. I love clothing that is simple and understanded, but holds top rank in the “perfect material” department. This is a top that earns a second glance simply for the appeal of the material. I can see why Tencel fabric is considered the “new age” fabric and is growing in popularity every season.

Tencel Top