Right now at Barracuda Bazaar we’ve got fantastic fashion. It’s August and our ship has come in. If you are not a part of our email then get on the boat and get your discounts! We have some really beautiful pieces for the changing season. It certainly is still warm, but the world has Fall on the brain and is full of back to school anticipation, football and cooler evenings. We know its coming and we want your closet to be prepared. So right now we have some styles that include some darker shades and deeper colors as well as the illusion of “longer.” What do we mean by that? We mean, simply, we have beautiful long sleeve blouses which are made of lovely, very lightweight materials, primarily lyocell and cotton fabrics, worn loose and off the shoulder for the late remaining summer heat. These are some of our favorites, not to mention, great T’s with a retro flare and gorgeous accessories. So visit it us online at barracudabazaar.com to see what is “in store” or stop in and say hey!