We have all seen the craze; feathers in the hair, the jewelry, the headbands. It’s everywhere. We are almost sure it started with the obsession with bird silhouettes, then peacocks, then doves. It is a fact that fashion has gone feather crazy. It will be, one day, that we look back on the “early 2000’s” and will remember how everybody was obsessed with birds, feathers and small dainty Victorian throw-backs. I am perfectly ok with that. Here at Barracuda, we have shamelessly thrown ourselves into the feather frenzy. Right now we offer tons of accessories from feather earrings to beaded wrap hair clips. We have a variety of accessories and decorative pieces that will accentuate the face, hair and neck with feather goddess goodness. There is a natural wind-blown beauty to the feather look. It’s no wonder that feathers have become so popular. Woman-kind has been adorning herself in the  bipedal, egg-laying creatures’ wing scales for centuries now. Here at Barracuda, we fully intend on carrying out the tradition.