Do you really have to have a small purse that is shaped like a food item? The answer is easily “yes”. When I opened our latest box of goodies that contained fun summer novelties and pulled out a small hamburger bag, I knew this was something I just had to have. The truth is that this is something you just can’t stop gazing upon. It looks delicious AND it contains loose items! The term “savory fashion” is no metaphor when you find yourself slobbering over a tasty looking burger with all the fixings and a sesame bun. Why? Well why not?

This amazing item also comes in more vegetarian friendly versions such as a bagel with cream cheese and, everyone’s all time favorite, peanut butter and jelly! When you open these bags, they are made for you to view their inner ingredients. I found upon opening my hamburger bag that it contained lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions! Just zip and fold these fancy bags closed and carry with you the world’s most awesome invention ever… the snack bag! Thank you whoever thought of this amazing fashion item. (DCI Decor Craft Inc.) Thank you Barracuda Bazaar for carrying the essentials!