You know it’s a great outfit, I mean a really killer look, when you hear a Portishead come on in your brain and there appears, in slow motion, a vision of yourself walking, looking pretty much better than you’ve ever looked in your whole life. Come on now…you know what I’m talking about because you’ve had this experience. When you see a great clothing item you can’t help but visualize a moment of glory when you enter a scene wearing it and all the good doors of the universe open unto bigger better things. Or maybe I’ve just watched way too much HBO in my life.

The whole point is that it’s the little things in life that keep you going and that can be a beautiful thing! I say, the way to shop is to let yourself be drawn toward looks that make you feel amazing! Really look for the pieces and fashions that make a great song go off in your head and enjoy yourself. If we didn’t believe this at Barracuda, we’d have packed up long ago. We aim to find fashion and novelties that make you feel like smiling. Right now we have so many of these fantastic fashions. Every few weeks it’s something new and glorious! Flip through our online look book and find what makes your personal soundtrack click on. Living the dream baby.  

What can you see yourself doing in this piece?