Often, the clothes we carry at Barracuda Bazaar just scream a night on the veranda, Devotchka playing, warm tropical breezes, a fruity drink and absolute retro awesomeness! Nothing can make you feel more beautiful and fabulous than sporting great retro style. Retro proclaims classy and funky in one psychedelic and playful move. While older generations may ponder this notion with queezy bafflement, those of us that understand fun fashion get it. Mrs. Robinson is trying to seduce you… and she will succeed because the patterns, colors, styles and cuts from the fashion of the sixties is simply bitchin! 

This week, at Barracuda we have some of the most fun pieces I’ve seen in a while and they are empowering! From colorful tops with bows and scoop fabric at the neck to simple and elegant solid color sundresses, we’ve got some really great pieces! Check the new stuff on-line or relax after red, white and blue mania this week by stopping in and checking out amazing items!