It’s that time of year. Your upstairs apartment is smoldering by 8am, you’ve tossed and turned in hot sheets all night, the fan is really only bringing in hot air by the boat loads and a freezing shower is the only way to get your body temperature down to a sane level. Wherever you go in your sandals or slip-ons you squish around in puddles of sweat while you walk and you don’t dare take off your shoes in public or the privacy of a good-looking man. Dressing to look fabulous can be extremely irritating in high heat situations. Good luck layering through layers of sweat and sticky skin!

Maybe it’s just me, but by the time 3 or 4 in the afternoon rolls around I just want to be naked. Nevermind I say to my fashion self! I can’t endure another uncomfortable overheated squirm session of clothing readjustments. I just want to be free of fabric and go the way nature intended! It’s times like these I love remembering Barracuda Bazaar’s summer fashion friendly outfits. This week, just in, we have an excellent new summer dress that takes the “most cozy” award of the summer so far! This piece is simple, fits comfortably around the top and is made of the most cool, soft and light fabric ever! When you can’t simply be naked, consider this totally cozy dress as alternative to giving up on looking great in the heat!

This piece is available in several colors and is only $24.00!