I have to say I was not shocked when I found this photo of the film Goddess Marilyn Monroe sporting a shockingly similar top to our sky blue dotted beauty here at Barracuda! I love this top. It is fun and retro, making a statement about the classic timelessness of retro fashion, while remaining totally cozy and functional. It can be layered with many extravagant accessories or lay against summer skin as suggested here by Monroe.

I love that pieces like this are versatile. This top looks fabulous on  blondes, brunettes, red-heads or multicolored hair dos, short or long. As one lovely customer proved, this top looks great with a punk flare and an arm full of great body art. This is a top I can see being worn on a crowded patio at brunch under the morning summer sun or traveling in early August.

 With a mountain city full of green trees, blue skies and blooming flowers, I love that we can add to the elegant summer scenery with lovely fashion on lovely customers! And really… can you argue with  Marilyn Monroe about what looks beautiful?