All too often I get that baffled look from gals meandering through the Barracuda, running their hands along the rows of summer dresses and tops, as their looks reflect the thought, “If it’s a top… what the heck do I wear on the bottom? If it’s a dress…there’s no way the top of my legs are going to see the light of day!” Surely, we understand this dilemma AND as we are the experts at making a variety of fashions work a thousand different ways, we can offer some simple solutions. No need to worry that fabulous fashion cannot not be worn due to “exposure” confusion.

These pieces are to be worn as either or both! If an items looks great and you are sure it is a dress, consider wearing capri leggings, jean shorts or even full pants bellow it to expand on its funkiness. Very often layering these pieces with the colors and textures that different bottoms can offer will make for a really unique and fun look! Several of our tops are picked just for this purpose. Right now we have several sleeveless sundresses that can easily look great with cut-offs or capris. Check out our legging selection and our great variety of Silver Jeans for possibilities! remember that cut-offs can look great with flat sandals or heels. These items are made to be versatile folks so don’t be afraid to layer. As for me I’ll be sporting some cut-offs with my new retro style, embroidered sundress… along with some cowgirl boots and sunglasses!