After a weekend of crowds, funnel cake, sun burns and Memorial Day mania, I like to kick back and remember that the joy of working in a place with stellar fashion is to wear the latest hot items! This allows me to dress appropriately and in accordance to what I call “my happy place;”a place I enjoy living in daily. After a weekend in Old Colorado City, participating in the famous Territory Days, I find myself happy to be alone with Leonardo DiCaprio, on the veranda in my mind, overlooking the crystal clear ocean and wearing fabulous attire.  

One piece, here at Barracuda, we’ve all fallen in love with is this gorgeous roman-style dress. I’ve yet to see a body type that this dress doesn’t absolutely flatter. The material is light and sleek. The cut is made to tuck in all the right places while remaining loose to properly feature other parts of the figure. It’s really a dream on all figures. It can be worn as simply as just with sandals or it can be layered with leggings, boots, scarves and jackets to your heart’s content. I like never to overlook a piece with simple beauty and elegance that maintains an easy functionality at the same time!

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