Photo by Anslee Wolfe

What can we say? Alongside the most ridiculously rad clothes around we also have the most ridiculously rad staff around. To add to our wonderful online store at, we just had to include our staff pictures and fun bios of the Barracuda Girls. If ever you were thinking, “Man, it would be fun to work there…” you’re very right. I know that the number 1 attraction for me to join the Barracuda bad-assness was the lovely and talented ladies who work there. We have Latina divas, math geniuses, artists, musicians, actresses and of course our fearless leader, the owner of Barracuda Bazaar, the creative entrepreneur and artist. These are fabulous human beings, creative and talented folks, loving partners and mothers.

One thing that should always be taken into consideration when you are spending you hard-earned cash is how to support AWESOME LOCAL INDEPENDENT BUSINESS. What you’ll find is that when you support local business, you’re supporting people who work hard to bring you local alternatives for a great shopping experience. If you haven’t checked out the new site…get a clicking! Check out our business philosophy, our staff,  our store and our new promo READY! SET! GONE! Read about the creative folks who work hard to keep the local business alive and wonderful. While we thank first and foremost the great customers and support system around the business, folks like you, I just had to send a shout out to the über rad ladies that make my life better everyday! Love ya!

– Kellie P.