Extra! Extra! Read all about Barracuda Bazaar’s new online store! barracudabazaar.com The epicenter of cool!

This spring, we have a new web site that will allow customers to purchase from home, mars or wherever! Beginning with what we call “Barracuda Basics,” customers can shop our Active Basic yoga wear as well as some fun novelty items! The section titled “Whats In Store” will allow customers to see the range of styles and items we carry at 2603 Colorado Ave. From this section, we will pick some favorites and put them online for a fun sale we call “Ready! Set! Gone!” These items are hot and usually sell off the rack pretty quick! This upcoming Wednesday stay tuned for our “Ready! Set! Gone!” picks of the week. When you fall in love, be the first to nab these items off the web store as there is only one in each size! We’re not sure we should reward you for shopping  from home in your  jammies, but we are going to anyway for goodness sake! Check out the online store to see what’s at Barracuda Bazaar and be ready to click like crazy when we upload our sales picks Wednesday the 18th! Already for sale, as you will see, are amazing yoga wear items and must have necessities of life…. like pickle band aids. Yeah, baby we know what you like. We love you too!