I had been pondering this week, “Why did I ever think I should quit my college career to pursue professional tea-cup pig racing?” Surely if I hadn’t, I would have been able to finish my law degree and be in a great high paying position by now instead of living with my parents. You know, it’s when I think of these things I get to worrying about the past, dwelling on things that can’t be changed. Like, “Why did I wear such a low-cut top to that watermelon eating contest?” The list just goes on and on really. I think we all have these little pieces of our past we’d wish to erase or do over. Sometimes I get to fixating on being able to travel back in time, somehow, someway and fix all these little glitches in an otherwise pretty perfect life.  I heard once that the center of a black hole may provide a worm hole for time travel but it just seems so… well… out there. Then I discovered Be Your Own Buddha Teas from Blue-Q carried by my trusty local boutique Barracuda Bazaar. Thank God. One tea in particular really intrigued me; “Erase Your Past” Oolong with Orange flavor. The caption next to the woman on the front of the box stated “I only shot him once.” I felt understood. It occurred to me that while somethings may not be erasable, the yucky feelings can be! This tea is guaranteed to “sweep out the deep recesses of the mind.” I wanted to be refreshed and this tea would do the job! Also at Barracuda Bazaar is “Be A Better Parent” tea and “Instant Karma” tea. See, these folks get it! Products that understand and promote perfect quick fixes for all of life’s little quarks.

It should be as easy as ironing a wrinkled shirt… why deal with it otherwise? Come on down to Barracuda and check out ALL of our hilariously sarcastic items that you just have to have!