Since the beginning of cinema, which I usually count as the beginning of all things most rad, leading ladies have been decorated in animal print as the code for ferocious sexuality and intensity. I always think of this when I encounter a piece of clothing that screams “tigress!”

This super cute tiger pattern top is not only a fun graphic but it has an awesome cut with a scoop neck, angel-flared sleeves and synched waistline for that  flattering 1940’s fit. Barracuda Bazaar has knack for acquiring  all things owing homage to vintage and retro styles and this fun little top is no exception. I love it with a pair Silver Jeans or leggings. We carry this top in both silver-gray and golden brown.

When I see a gal step out of the dressing room with this top on I think “Jane Russel… no doubt.” When I step out of the dressing room in this top I think “huh…” The whole point is that there are wonderful clothing items in right now that know how to make a woman look as ferocious as she feels in great fashion. While I may never have Jane Russel’s bust line I can sport a relentlessly sexy style that originated in the glory of the golden cinema! I can be the leading femme fatale in my own big screen happy place. This may be the best sentiment I have encountered at Barracuda since my last passionate brush with the Funky Arm shirt. Hear me roar!