It’s easy to drift into a lull this time of year. Is it the slowly warming weather, the shift of nature emerging from its winter slumber or just the simple fact that one cannot function properly after a dramatic time change? Whether its exhaustion or mere spring break fever, its easy to find yourself staring out the window day-dreaming about the beautiful days of summer adventures ahead. In my case,  I find myself staring into windows, drooling over dreamy new spring arrivals and retail gardens of flowered, colorful fashions. Yes. Goodbye stuffy jackets and poofy hats!  Hello lace, light garments and straps! 

The Barracuda Bazaar has some of the most jaw dropping spring styles in town. We have gorgeous varieties of lace tops, spring dresses, skirts and handbags of beautiful soft materials and bright colors. It’s a garden paradise of fabric flowers in here for goodness sake! Our flare is a bit retro, hip, feminine and functional. From basic, lightweight, solid colored, asymmetrical T’s to funky, ruffled skirts and knee-length sun dresses, we have awesome styles that will complete any spring day-dream. We are also accompanying these items with killer sales, grab bins, and tons of 50% mark downs because, as we like to say, ridiculously cool and beautiful things should always be affordable. How else could any fabulous day-dream be complete?