I have to say, after the bombardment of new clothing this week, sorting through magnificent piles of joyous beautiful clothing, I had to halt in my socks to pause and ponder this new item of ours. I like to refer to it as “The Funky Arm Shirt”. What is going on with this t-shirt that has one normal sleeve and on elongated sleeve for a naturally wonky look? Is it a manufacturing error? Is it confused about who it is?

 A popular look in fashion right now is asymmetry. It’s in hair styles, clothing and all sorts of accessories. Truth be told, this “happy accident” look in style is sort of enchanting. It’s a nice alteration in life to have some layers, asymmetry and mixed materials. I think Barracuda’s new T is complimentary to the asymmetrical infatuation going on in current fashion and design! This shirt happens to flirt with the asymmetrical fashion statement in a more casual, soft cotton, cozy kind of way, but it looks great and is very comfortable! Once I tried on this little wonder, I fell in love with its inherent charm.

Maybe this shirt is meant for me…with its pirate stripes and off-kilter sleeves that are a little more high-fashion than the average t-shirt. After a few long gazes of puzzlement, I gave it a shot and decided the “Funky Arm Shirt” is probably my favorite pick of the week.

Check out this piece (just $20.00) and other new bedazzlements on our website at barrcuddabzaar.com.