I’ve decided we should really have a contest going at the store. A contest based on who gets to explain the massage chair to confused customers the most in a given day or week. It generally goes something like this:

Customers enter the front of the store and look around at the zany awesome innards of the Barracuda. The hanging vintage bicycles, the Wiener Mobile in the window, the old organ keyboard covered by a display of lotions and smell good soaps, then… the torture device sitting oh so casually near the cashier counter. They often scream, giggle or gasp, “Oh my Gosh! What is that!? Is it real?”

What the customer has just discovered is the all too famous, pea green, antique torture device-looking massage chair I lovingly refer to as the Silvia Plathe Recliner. Then I usually follow this joke by explaining that the poor old chair is seriously misunderstood. Like me, she’s just a little more scary looking than she actually is. See, the metal appendages that appear to be small punching bags are actually arms that move circularly to massage your tired muscles. “It’s truly wonderful and relaxing,” I say “only the brave shall be rewarded!”

All together now, the girls working behind the counter can be heard nearly in a unison chorus, “There are dimes in the jar on the counter if you’d like to deposit 10 cents and try it!”  The reaction at this juncture is almost always the most entertaining part. Some folks get excited and go straight in for it, others hesitate and need some serious coaxing and reassurance of their bodily safety. Some look like they might cry and politely decline. Those who partake are almost always pleasantly surprised. “AAAHHHHH….” they exclaim. Those who have had a previous encounter with the chair follow this sigh of relief with a reassuring “Move the wheel on the side to make it go up and down your back!” Soon everyone is laughing and it’s another triumph for the old green chair. 

Having had this conversation several times, often people’s reactions are so varied and hilarious, it almost never gets old. Here at the Barracuda Bazaar we do have a real vintage massage chair and it does work and it is awesome. It’s only 10 cents for 3 minutes of unexpected heaven!