Barracuda Bazaar’s golden tidbit of the week:

Whenever I feel blue,

 I start breathing again.

True poetry for the stressed out or overworked this week. Down here at the Barracuda we are taking a second to breathe. We are taking a time out to get grounded and stop strangling ourselves and loved ones with our to-do lists. We are also now taking 10% off all regularly priced items in the store EVERY SINGLE TUESDAY! Call us crazy, but we feel we should be able to rely on butt-kicking sales every week. So, we started Take Ten Tuesdays. We wanted to encourage breathing, shopping and saving regularly for ourselves and our beloved customers who may need a break from feeling blue.

Besides all regularly priced items being 10% off every Tuesday, we also like to throw in a little extra something. No, not a scantily clad Leonardo Dicaprio look-alike wrapped in tape and covered with winning lotto tickets… that would be our After Glow After Hour Sale Raffle prize (last Thursday of every month). Huh. No this week, the 15th of February, we also added 25% off all hats and scarves. Every Tuesday, for our Take Ten Sale, we would like to throw in an extra sale for easy breathing concerning the old check book.

It’s really simple. Don’t turn blue. Keep breathing. Keep your sense of humor. Give yourself a little outing on Tuesdays for 10% and other hit sales.