Some may call it delusional fixation. I like to call it creative writing. When in creating a “nicer place to be” than bogged down at work or stuck indoors with screaming children under feet of snow, I like to go to a calm hidden place, buried deep between my ears; a place with a warmer climate and gorgeous non-English speaking man-servants named Pablo. Then I like to pick out a nice outfit to wear there, proceed in actuality to purchase that outfit, and gladly call it “discounted therapy.”    

There is a place to find those outfits. The Barracuda Bazaar has gorgeous clothing that guide one into a “happier” way of being. Right now we have several tops that are feminine while edgy, comfortable while flattering. Sometimes I like to get my eyebrows waxed and I tell the gal,while laying back in the salon chair and calling a cab in my mind to that special somewhere, “just wax my eyebrows so that I look like Ashley Judd.” Of course, I look like me when it’s all over, but I get to wear amazing clothes, beit the island settings in my head or the salon chair . The point is, when I shop at the Barracuda Bazaar, I get to look amazing. And this is the best therapy one could ask for! 

...and they lived Happily Ever After