In Love With His & Her Tongue Scrapers

Some of us hate Valentines Day. Its right around the corner and some of us either are feeling the absence of love or the absence of any good ideas for gift giving to that special someone. What I feel most, is the absence of top-notch dental care. It wasn’t until I was reorganizing our most recent merchandise, that I came across an item that stopped my heart and caused my mouth to morph into a “finally understood” smile.

I’ve never really considered how a cleaner tongue and fresher breath might improve cupid’s aim, but when I discovered our “His and Her Tongue Scrapers,”  it was like a little wink from heaven. I’m not sure what heaven is hinting at exactly, but I do know that somehow, some way, these tongue scrapers could alter my course toward a less lonely future. Then it dawned on me that, here at the Barracuda Bazaar, we have perfect Valentine’s Day goodies like Inflatable Hearts, Boo Boo Kisses Bandages and Sweetheart Rubber Duckies; not to mention hilarious magnets displaying profound tidbits on love and heart-shaped ear buds for your i pod.

Since my discovery of this awesome item, I’ve been  conjuring up dreams about all the different and unique ways my tongue scraper could come in handy. How come I didn’t think of this before? You know, Valentine’s Day might suck some years, but sometimes it can spring forth excellent new discoveries about life, love, gift-giving and dental hygiene. I guess I’m just grateful. Thanks Barracuda.