Building an empire of über rad is very fun.

You take a vision of awesome stuff, place it in a super fun setting, dream up an expansion of space and keep adding more and more well… stuff. Which is what we have right now. Tons of rad stuff! We have filled the store with clothes that were hand-picked to make your friends go “AHH! SO CUTE!” The latest winter fashions from rare sweaters and an amazing plaid jackets to unique knit hats and color-crazed scarves;  accessories I refer to as “personal flare” for advertising one’s amazing artistic eye for fashion.

But an empire would not be complete without an ever-flowing river of hilarious items. Many times, as I watch folks shuffle through the Barracuda, I get the occasional “What is this for?” The bewildered customer is holding a can which contains Instant Underpants or a box of Bacon Bandages or perhaps they have picked up a set of stick-on Stylish Mustaches or Wasabi Lip Balm. They are curious and disturbed but I reassure them, “If you have to ask you’ll just never know.”  You may not know what you need, but the Barracuda Bazaar has it.

On our large pink retro refrigerator are several magnets, all which contain thoughts deeper than whale doo; pieces of truth that entertain and enlighten our customers every day. From the other side of the store, while pricing  and tagging clothes that I create travel fantasies around, I hear people laughing. They repeat the cherished sayings on the magnets out loud, “Dance as if no one knows you’re really trashed and can’t dance,” or “My mother doesn’t just enjoy guilt trips, she runs the travel agency, ” and my favorite, “Vegetarian-Indian word for ‘Lousy Hunter.'” Its not that we dislike vegetarians, some of us are vegetarians,  it’s that I know ten people who should own this magnet and stick to their work microwave. As this inspired idea enters my consciousness, my favorite Royksopp song comes on and there is a general feeling of well-being in our “little empire of über rad.”

What I’m getting at is that we have created a kind of “Happy Place” here at the Barracuda Bazaar based on instinct, creative drive and not taking ourselves too seriously. Tonight, after I work all day, I will drive home. Then, I will be happy to drive all the way back to the store to participate in our After Glow After Hours Sale which is the last Thursday night of every month. Tonight is a ridiculously rad sale. All discounted clothing is $10, hands down. All discounted jewelry is $5. Every After Glow is a new amazing deal. Its worth driving back to work for, at least to me.  Some say we’re just zany here at Barracuda. I just feel like we may not know what we’re doing but we’re damn good at it!