It has been over a year and a half since I have worked a shift at Barracuda Bazaar. Time passes. Career shifts happen. I went to graduate school, traveled, taught literature, and after all this time, I returned to my favorite store for a summer shift just to help out. It’s easy to remember why I enjoyed working here all those years. The people are amazing, the area is beautiful, and the store remains one of the most exciting retail spots in Colorado Springs. As I walk the floor I see bad ass finds that make me happy to be a part of the style and state of mind that is so… Well… Barracuda. Rock on little shop. Rock on.





Dear Santa,

Yeah. I don’t know what happened exactly. I feel like over the years, through all the maturing hubbub and disillusionment over adult reality, there has been this kind of distance growing between us. I’ve been thinking it over a lot this seasons. I thought (and my therapist agreed) I should  write you personally to address, what I feel is a “cooling period” in our communication. And believe me, I take full responsibility for my part in our “misunderstanding.”

When I was little, you were there like, unconditionally. I liked the Snuggle Bunch Doll, on Christmas morning there was the Snuggle Bunch Doll under the tree. Same with the Nutcracker, Barbie pool and pom-poms. This arrangement was founded upon the exchange of my good behavior for your promised gift delivery. I honored this diligently, especially in the December school days leading up to winter break. I’m just curious what happened around age 11? I kind of feel like you dumped this responsibility on my parents who were clearly confused about my choice in underwear and music and I’m worried that your “disappearance” may have been due to an incident at age 11. I am writing to explain to you it was clearly an accident.

If this is about gluing my brother’s lips to his fork… please believe me, this was not entirely on purpose. My brother was in fact using the glue near the dinner table for a school project. It was a crowded and confusing scenario that day in the kitchen. Glue drips, kitchen tables are crowded during the holidays and accidents happen. I simply don’t feel this accident should cause you to abandon a well-behaved child in the succeeding years.  I had essentially nine years of otherwise perfect behavior. I’m just saying. Please reconsider.

Should you feel, at this time, we can move forward and resume our arrangement, I thought I might include a few “ideas” for you to consider this Christmas in exchange for my noble amends. Aside from the obvious, like a solution to the obsene interest on my mortgage and a two-year raise delay, also the chance that Jimmy will not need braces, there is one thing that might bring me joy! It would make me feel like a kid aglow with glee before the tree. There is a yellow coat at Barracuda Bazaar which my husband is too blind to notice me drooling over. I want it like a mo fo. It is totally cute and makes me feel skinny (which is a Christmas miracle in itself) and it won’t be there in January. It is only 52.00. However, I want my faith in you back. So I know you can do this one thing for me to ignite our loving rapport once again.

You know. I’m glad we talked. I feel like we can really put all this in the past. I think I know that you know that I know I can trust you to put the magic back into Christmas. Thank you. I look forward to the coat. I included a picture off their website.


Barracuda Barbie.

Sometimes, with the change of the weather and the drudgery of life’s monotonous endeavours, I like to sit and fantasize about where I can wear Barracuda Bazaar fashion. In the process, I like to reshape my existence and indulge in a little creative thinking about what life could be and what I would be wearing in my “could be” scenario. Take for instance, the magic that this last little sweater that we received for our fall display. It was easy to immediately imagine myself in this sweater, leaving the low grass-covered Icelandic cabin as I carry a steaming cup of coffee out under the open crisp morning sky. In the distance, the ships come sailing in past my view into toward the Reykjavik port just out of sight. The sky, bright and ablaze with orange fire from the rising sun, create a butterscotch path toward the small cabin filled with warmth from a burning fire inside and the love of Bjorn, my beautiful icy-eyed husband who sleepily slips his boots on before attending to the open sea.

What’s your “could be” scenario?

It’s a good life. Not bad for a $28.00 sweater. Just sayin. Livin the dream baby. Livin the dream.

funny... I don't recall asking for your opinion

Fed Up? Sick of work? Sex deprived? You need some Anne Taitor in your life. This month Barracuda Bazaar celebrates the sarcasm of Anne Taintor, that genius of smart aleck chime in’s and observations about life and the female experience. Her sarcastic prose illustrated on “revisited vintage” pics keep us laughing at ourselves, each other and the absurdity of the human condition. We collect these amazing gold nuggets of humor in one spot for your shopping convenience. Magnets, post-its, tote bags, coin purses and shot glasses, combined with great clothing at low prices, make the world a less disappointing place in which to live. What ever ails you, Barracuda is sure to provide a product that will properly make fun of your problem. If laughter can’t cure it… call 911. If that doesn’t work, come to see us.



Barracuda Bazaar Crew

What’s the next best thing to bacon bandages? Buying the store that actually sells bacon bandages. Yes, that’s right. There is a new blonde bombshell running the headquarters at the epicenter of cool. Kim McKenna has stepped up and into the captain’s chair and is kicking ass and taking names. The story of Barracuda Bazaar covers 17 years of love, sacrifice and absolute devotion to great fashion and sarcasm. The legacy continues. As previous boss and badass, Rebecca Berg, takes a final bow, we respectfully applaud her long haul of amazing work and incredible sense of humor. (Rebecca we love love love you!)  And now we welcome our new fearless leader as she battles tourists, forest fires and broken gift card processors like a true champion.

How many folks can say they ran the coolest business in Colorado? Well, now two. Hello Kim and welcome to the ride of a lifetime. We are going to have a blast!

Handing down the keys to the empire.

Barracuda Bazaar celebrates Art Walk the first Friday of every month! In May we featured photographer Lilian Critchlow. In June we will feature the paintings of Heather Bingham and in July we will feature the work of painter Phil Lear. Come and check out the art scene in Old Colorado City and visit us at Barracuda Bazaar! Cup cakes, champagne and beautiful art from 5-8pm. What more could you ask for? This month Art Walk will be held Friday June 1st. We hope to see you there!

White Lace


Pollock Painting

Wear wonderful clothing. Feel beautiful. Be art. Just sayin.

Shoulders Anyone?

She entered the small cafe with a wind-blown, bewildered smile. She noticed him sipping coffee in the corner under the flowered painting. When they made eye contact she remembered his enamoured speech to her the week before and felt overcome with excitement. He could not forget the small curvature of her lower lip when she frowned or the soft skin of her exposed shoulder from her blouse. It was love.

Blouse brought to you by Barracuda Bazaar. Just $ 42.00. Be your own  fantasy leading lady…. why the heck not?

Have you seen the most recent addition to Barracuda Bazaar’s collection? We’d like to introduce to you the new and improved dotted yoga pants. Still folded at the top for that flattering fit and flared for fun shape. And yes… they have dots. Didn’t realize yoga pants could go so fashionably far did you? Take it to the limit one more time.